Merry Halloween!

by Lynn on November 19, 2014

I’m all messed up.
I missed Halloween while I promoted my book.


By gosh, I won’t miss Christmas…so I’m starting early.


Unfortunately, the store had only LEFT boots on sale,
but I managed to make the left boot look sexy AND creepy at the same time.

I decided to get this, instead…

IMG_0443 copy 2

No, this isn’t a “selfie.”
It’s an “elfie.”

And, of course, we need this…

IMG_0453 2

Oh, just one more thing…

Let’s not tell my husband about these purchases, okay?
He loves surprises.


This post brought to you by Delusional Wives.
We shouldn’t eat candy while we shop.

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College is better without homework

by Lynn on November 12, 2014

How do you celebrate a wedding anniversary without spending a ton of money?
My husband and I decided to go back to college, tuition free!
We travelled north along the Susquehanna River
and spotted Lady Liberty:


A local lawyer and an artist built a replica of Lady Liberty
to celebrate the statue’s centennial in the 1980s.
It’s really cool to see the replica.

My husband and I  were inspired to replicate our first meeting:


Looks romantic, right?
We met on this street near my old dorm and his fraternity.
Back then, I had a ton of homework, so I said hello and went to the library.
(Well, not really, but that’s what I’m telling my parents and my kids.)

Now that we’re married with kids, we don’t have to study microeconomics.
So, we enjoyed the campus. Of course, we had to go golfing…


We took a moonlit stroll…


Then we had a great dinner, watched TV, and didn’t go near the library.
Sometimes, being over 30 is much better than being a college kid.


This post brought to you by Old People Who Think They Look Like College Kids.
Please don’t call us “Sir” or “Ma’am.”


My husband’s secret life

by Lynn on November 5, 2014

I realized my husband was living a secret life in Kmart.
Because  devastating secrets are found in the costume aisle.
You see, I thought my husband was a geeky scientist, but he’s also…


…a Halloween wig model!
Ohmygosh, this explains all the extra cash in his wallet.


Apparently, sticking a comb in my husband’s wig makes him REALLY happy.
And look! This is how my husband looked when I met him in college:


What a hunk, right?
This next picture boosted my estrogen levels:


Honey, please wear that wig tonight and all is forgiven.

Your groupie


This post is brought to you by Women Who Love 1980’s Rock Stars.
You rock our world…especially when you unload the dishwasher.

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Fire + hot guys = new book

by Lynn on October 29, 2014

A few years ago, I visited the Simon Pearce glassblowing factory.
I was awestruck by the whole operation.


In order to make glass pliable, it has to be heated in 2,400 degree fires.
Glassblowers have a short period of time to shape the glass before it hardens.


Often, glassblowers work in pairs.
The loud furnace makes talking virtually impossible,
so glassblowers use nonverbal cues to communicate with one another.


Hot glass can cut through skin and bone…
yet glassblowers create works of art out of molten silica.

Here I am at Manchester Hot Glass in Vermont, with Andrew.
He helped me make a paperweight, which sits on my writing desk.


Glassblowers are so skilled, they make shaping glass look easy.
It’s not. I couldn’t shape a simple round paperweight.
Andrew had to fix it for me.

I was so impressed by these men, I had to write a story about one.

CAG promo pic no clue
The last thing Mitchell Blake needs is another hot-shot consultant to “save” his glassblowing factory,
but this one is different. She is hiding something. If he can unearth Jaye’s secrets, he might
have good reason to fire her…or keep her forever.

Available on KindleNookebookiBooksKobofor all ebook readers, and in print.

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A new contemporary romance novel

by Lynn on October 22, 2014

My new book, Clear as Glass, releases today.


Clear as Glass
 won 5 Romance Writers of America chapter contests
and is published by The Wild Rose Press.

The last thing Mitchell Blake needs is another hot-shot consultant, but this one is different.
She is hiding something. If he can unearth her secrets, he might have good reason to fire her…or keep her.

So, if you’re in the mood for romance,
perhaps this one is for you?


Available on Kindle, Nook, ebook, iBooks, Kobo, for all ebook readers, and in print.

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I made the mistake of visiting my firstborn at college for Parents’ Weekend.
I was nervous. I needed reassurance that we sent her to the right school.
When we arrived, I saw terrible signs that we’d made a huge error.

IMG_2677 2

Clearly this “inoperable fireplace” has been used.
That wasn’t the only weird thing going on at college.
Apparently, there is a 24 hour study room in the library

…but I saw this:



If this place doesn’t know the definition of a 24 hour study space,
what nonsense are they teaching my kid?

My anxiety skyrocketed when I saw this:


Seven years of bad luck.
I offered to bring my kid home
…but she refused to get in the car.

Perhaps we chose the right place, after all.
Because she loves it.
I love it, too.


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Why you shouldn’t brush your teeth

by Lynn on October 8, 2014

My husband told me he loved our new toothpaste.
I nodded and asked him to carry a heavy pumpkin to the cashier.


My husband wondered why our new toothpaste tastes like peanut butter.
I shrugged and wondered which mum to buy.


My husband barked at a cat, which was weird.
I frowned at him and kept walking.


When we got home, I realized why my husband was acting so strange.
This was on our bathroom countertop.


Do I tell him, or not?


This post brought to you by Websites With Broken Comment Boxes.
I’m happy to report the comment boxes for my site work again!

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Don’t tell my husband…

by Lynn on October 1, 2014

I’m gonna talk about my husband.
Because today is our wedding anniversary.

My husband is six foot, five inches tall. No kidding.
He’s actually shorter than the guy I dated in college.


My husband has great legs.
Great legs can get a marriage through the tough times, I believe.


My husband’s favorite food is ice cream.
I don’t eat ice cream any more, so he gets dessert all to himself.
Plentiful ice cream helps a marriage through the rough spots, don’t you agree?

photo 3 copy 3

Dreamy gazes can get a marriage through any rough spot.
I bat my eyelashes at my hubby every night,
‘cuz it distracts him from dinner.

Believe me, ignoring the dinner menu
definitely saved our marriage.

“L Kel”


To celebrate my upcoming release of Clear as Glass on October 22nd,
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My apologies; I just realized the comment section hasn’t been working for weeks.
I’m trying to fix the problem, and hopefully the comment box will work – soon!

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Meet my characters

by Lynn on September 25, 2014

In one month, Clear as Glass releases! This story won five Romance Writers of America chapter contests, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Published in both paperback and ebook by The Wild Rose Press. Available October 22nd.

CAG pp slide
Marooned with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, Jaye Davis isn’t sure how to read the brawny guy who offers to help. When he gets too close, she hits him in the nuts. Turns out, he’s not a murderous sex maniac – he’s her new boss. Now he has good reason to fire her, but she’s determined to save his faltering glassblowing factory. If she can help him, she might feel worthy of becoming her overbearing father’s right hand man. Better yet, if she can hide  in this small town for the next four weeks, she might discover who she really is.

The last thing Mitchell Blake needs is another hot-shot consultant who doesn’t understand glassblowing, but this one is different. She has secrets, and plenty of them. If he can uncover who she really is, he might have good reason to fire her. His plan falls apart when she ends up unearthing his true self, and he doesn’t like what he sees. This doe-eyed woman is the only one who can shatter his safe, lonely life…and he can keep her for only one month.

The story takes place in northern Pennsylvania, in a remote town nestled between the Allegheny National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains.


Hop to Adele Downs’ website to see her new release, Naturally Yours. I love reading Adele’s books.

On October 2nd, Jackson D’Lynne will post about the characters in her book. Click here to visit her blog.

Many thanks to Susan Scott Shelly for inviting me to participate in this blog hop!



Releasing on October 22, 2014
From the Wild Rose Press

To celebrate my upcoming release this autumn,
I’m giving away a $50 certificate to Beloise Jewelry to one of my newsletter subscribers.

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Learning stuff makes me paranoid

by Lynn on September 24, 2014

My brain was getting “dusty,”
so I went to the museum for a dose of culture.

photo 4 copy 2

Look at the ducks!
Er, I mean, what an exquisite display of texture and brushwork.
On to the next picture…

photo 1 copy 3
Oh, I wish I had her scarf.
Er, I mean, observe the thoughtful, wistful expression expressed by the artist.
On to the next picture…

photo 3 copy 4

Ohmygersh, that girl in the picture keeps staring at me!

I ran home.

I grabbed a cookie.

I felt pretty good until…


Ohmygersh, that dog WON’T STOP STARING AT ME!!


Artwork…and cookies…are forever ruined for me.
From now on, I’m letting my brain stay dusty.


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