Hello, I’m Julia Child.

by Lynn on January 11, 2017

In honor of 2017, I’m attempting to do 17 new things.
My first “new thing” was to cook a Julia Child recipe.
I looked for something simple and found her Roasted Chicken recipe.
The list of ingredients included sliced lemons and LOTS of onion, carrots, and celery.


I’m not the fastest chopper in the world, so dicing the vegetables took a while.
Luckily, I had The College Kid at home, who conquered the diced onions.
The assembly of the roast was fairly simple. Le voila:


We popped that bird in the oven and wondered what to serve as a side dish.
Green beans and bacon seemed like a good idea, because bacon.


When the roast chicken emerged from the oven, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction.
The meat tasted divine and the gravy was better than a glass of expensive wine.


 And yes, I poured that gravy into a glass and took a gulp. Fantastic!
This recipe required a lot of preparation, but all that work was worth it.
Makes sense, really. The more time we spend on something, the better the result.

A good lesson for the beginning of 2017.

Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas

by Lynn on December 22, 2016

Wishing you a very, merry Christmas.


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Ready for Santa

by Lynn on December 14, 2016

I’m need one thing for Christmas…


I must say that I’m obsessed with these mini-villages.
I stop every time I see one in a department store.


Must be a fun job to design these miniature Christmas villages.
Maybe it’s almost as fun as writing romance novels!

Happy decorating!

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Christmas decorating

by Lynn on December 7, 2016

Would it be wrong to put this guy in my bedroom?
And keep him there all year long?


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RUN TO HER, a new book

by Lynn on December 2, 2016

The first book in my new trilogy is on sale, now!


She avoids men like him.
He needs a woman like her.
One lie changes everything….

Gabriel Antonov is a mechanic who can fix anything, even a woman’s hesitance. His talents have earned him the well-deserved reputation as a player, but when a routine one-night stand goes wrong, he’s haunted by what he’s done. Nothing can free him from those depraved memories, until he meets Leigh Nelson.

Leigh avoids strong, silent types like Gabe, who is stronger and quieter than most guys. The only man she’s focused on is her father, who is suffering from a devastating health crisis. She’ll do anything to help him, even at the cost of ignoring her own well-being, but the stress is getting to her. Gabe’s strength is tough to resist, and his silence might be hiding a crushing secret only she can understand.

He can’t outrun his gut-deep craving for her. Problem is, she’s running from him. When they’re marooned in his lakeside cabin, he might finally catch her…if he can admit why he’s falling apart without her.

On sale for $2.99 at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and for every ebook device.

To see more about the book, watch this:

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My winter obsession

by Lynn on November 30, 2016

I. Must. Buy. Snowmen.
I. Need. More. Snowmen.


There is room on my shelves for more snowmen…


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Happy Thanksgiving

by Lynn on November 23, 2016


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I’ve found a friend who likes to take long walks.
I like to take long walks, too.
I try to go 5 miles a day.
Or more.

This is where we walk:


It’s beautiful, particularly now.
It’s also cold right now.
And getting colder.

Which means:


I hope your mug is full of hot chocolate. 🙂

Lynn K.

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The blue above the clouds

by Lynn on November 2, 2016

This is what the sky looked like
when the weather report predicted rain.


This is a good reminder
not to pay much attention
to forecasts of doom and gloom.


Happy November!

Lynn K.

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When pictures terrify…

by Lynn on October 26, 2016

My teen drew a picture at school.
Shocking, right? A school that still offers art classes, huh?


She calls this picture, “Mr. Skellington.”
I call this picture, “Mr. How-The-Heck-Did-My-Kid-Do-This?”

Answer: A fantastic art teacher
And a kid who loves to draw.

Mr. Skellington is the most fascinating skeleton I’ve met.
He looks friendly, like he’s smiling at a joke.

Maybe the joke is on me.
Because I’d forgotten how important an art class can be.


May you have many pleasant surprises
this Halloween week!


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