How to make a summer visor

by Lynn on June 21, 2010

Do hats give you headaches? I found the perfect solution for you. It’s a visor that slides onto your sunglasses. It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes, and no hat headache!

You’ll need:

1/8 yard of cotton canvas fabric
1/8 yard of 100% cotton fabric
Wonder Under
2 inches of elastic

On a piece of paper, draw your “pattern” for your visor.
I found that a visor that is 8 inches wide is a good fit.
Here’s my pattern:

Cut two layers of canvas with your pattern.
Cut a larger piece of cotton fabric to lay on top of the canvas (1/2 inch bigger).

Get some Wonder Under.
This is great stuff, and it’s in every fabric store.

Draw your pattern onto the paper side of the Wonder Under.
Cut out two pieces of Wonder Under in the shape of your visor pattern.

Place one piece of the Wonder Under on top of a piece of canvas, bumpy side down.
Iron so that the glue melts onto the canvas (about 15 seconds).
Peel the paper off.

Lay the other piece of canvas on top and iron so they adhere together.
This will be the foundation for your visor.

Next, get your extra piece of Wonder Under,
and use it to fuse your decorative fabric on top of the visor.

Flip the visor so that the back is belly up.
Sew the fabric to the visor.

Sew a little loop of elastic on both ends of the visor.
Position the elastic about an inch from the end.

If you’d like, you can fuse another piece of decorative fabric to the bottom of the visor.

You’re done!
Slide each elastic loop onto your glasses, and voila!
You have your very own sunglass visor:

Here’s how it looks on a person:

Side view…

I store a couple of these in my car so that one is always handy.
My kids were glasses all the time, so it’s nice to have a visor for them on sunny days.

Here’s hoping your summer is full of sunny days!


Are you going to make a sun visor?
Click HERE for a pattern.


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