More Proof that Martians Exist…

by Lynn on July 6, 2010

Yesterday, I reported that Martians were trying to contact me.
Today, I have further proof that Martians are among us.
I spotted the evidence on my evening walk.
Look at this weirdness:

All year, this tree looked like a “normal” tree…until now.
It revealed it’s true colors.  It is a tree from Mars.
Just look at those funky flowers.

This isn’t an earthly flower. This is a Martian flower.
Little Green Men planted this tree in our field!!!!

I did what every good citizen does in these circumstances.
I ran home and reported this to the authorities.
In other words, I told my husband.

My beloved looked concerned.
He suggested that I take a nap.
He even offered to make dinner.
I’m no dummy. I took him up on the offer.

But then it occurred to me…
What if my husband is a Martian?