Things that scare parents…

by Lynn on October 26, 2010

When you decide to have a baby, you make a startling discovery.

Getting pregnant isn't as easy as they said it would be.


After years of trying, your baby finally arrives…
…and everything takes a back seat to feedings and diaper changes.

Remember when we used to be able to take a shower?


Parenting puts things into perspective.
You begin to realize what’s really important.
In fact, you’ll go to extraordinary lengths to get it.

We're getting a hotel we can SLEEP!


You start to feel pretty good about your parenting skills,
until you begin to talk to other parents.

Junior has already written his essay for Princeton, and he hasn't even begun to walk yet!


As your kid grows, you are relieved to say goodbye to the diaper stage,
but then you realize that your house is doomed to stink, forever.

Geez, this gym bag smells worse than dirty diapers.


As your kids head into their teens, you make a horrible discovery.

It's official. We've turned into our parents.


You buy a convertible and enter a mid-life crisis,
just in time to send your kid to college.

Tuition costs HOW much?


And that, my friends, is parenting in a nutshell.