Leaves of three, leave it be…oh crap, I touched it.

by Lynn on May 13, 2011

I miss the snow. I really do, because it used to cover up this stuff:

Leaves of three, leave it be…
or else you’ll be an itchy mess.

Poison ivy is a nefarious creature.
It hides where you least expect it, waiting…

It doesn’t even have the common decency to stay on the ground.
It crawls up trees, winds around bushes, and jumps out to grab you as you walk by.

Okay, it’s doesn’t really jump out to grab you unless you kill dandelions.

The problem with the “leaves of three, leave it be” rule is that there are so many exceptions.
You know, plants with three leaves that may or may not be poison ivy.
Kind of like how I look middle-aged, but I’m really twenty-five.

So, can anyone tell me which one is poison ivy, and which isn’t?
Anyone who knows the difference is invited over to my house to do some gardening.