The knot in my family tree – Win $35 Amazon Gift Card

by Lynn on November 2, 2011

Only a few of us have been thrown into jail.
Yep. My family tree contains some of us who wore stripes and lived in a cell.

So far, I’ve managed to avoid a trip to the slammer.
I’m routinely disorderly in private. I fear that someday, I’ll go public.

At first glance, we appear to be an educated lot. Classy. Erudite.
Family gatherings entail spirited discussions on Keynesian economics…
then they spiral out of control into gingerbread cake fights and burping contests.

But I guess we all have skeletons in our closets.
The rattling bones keep me up at night periodically.

Why do I bring up these sordid tales?
Because one of my sordid tales will be e-published in May, 2012.
It’s a romance between two people with plenty of skeletons in their closets.


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Just answer this simple question:

Has your family ever embarrassed you in front of your date?

I’ll post some of your funny replies next Wednesday.