The 2nd annual Santa Beauty Contest

by Lynn on December 14, 2011

Welcome to our 2nd annual Santa Beauty Contest.

Our first contestant is erudite and loves hot cocoa.
You’ll find him at your local library.

Contestant #1

Our next contestant not only delivers presents, but will cook your Christmas dinner
so that you can relax and play your new video game.

Contestant #2

This fellow is a FANTASTIC listener.
He is glued to your every word.
What more could a girl want?

Contestant #3

Are you a sucker for musicians?
Our next contestant is perfect for you. He makes music every time he moves.
But after a while, that little tinkling bell on his hat will drive you CRAZY.

Contestant #4

Our next Santa is a bit of a dreamer.
He’s romantic. He’ll give you roses, just because.
Granted, he’ll forget to pick up his underwear, but who cares?

Contestant #5

Frankly, I can’t find anything wrong with our next participant.
Look at his beautiful beard and tinkling eyes!

Contestant #6

Finally, our next contestant is well organized.
He’s a list-maker. He gets things done.
Best of all, he makes great toys.

Contestant #7

Uh…how come my name isn’t on the list?


Okay, friends. Time to vote.
Who is YOUR favorite?