Old Lang Sign

by Lynn on January 4, 2012

 We met accidentally as we carried our stuff into our college dorm.
I was probably carrying an armload of Donna Summer albums and makeup.
Fortunately, my new friend didn’t mind my taste in music or pink iridescent eye shadow.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that we goofed around all the time.
In fact, our college years were filled with solemn, contemplative moments.

See, Mom and Dad? Look at the studious contemplation on my face.
And please pay no attention to the hideous purple sweater I’m wearing.


Fast forward, 20 years…


I’m pleased to admit that my taste in sweaters has changed,
but my college roommate and I are unchanged.

My teeth are still HUGE.
Her hair is still ridiculously awesome.
I can still spill my guts to her, and she loves me anyway.
We had dinner over Xmas, and spent much of our time discussing great literature.

As usual, she reminded me to stop and smell the flowers.

It took us a while to figure out they were silk roses.
In our defense, we were distracted by the guys we met.

For a panicked moment, I thought I lost my roommate.
I felt like a freshman who got separated from her buddies at a frat party.
Not that I EVER went to a frat party. I’m just imagining how it would feel, okay?

I felt a surge of relief when I saw my roommate standing by the elevators.
Imagine my embarrassment when I dragged the wrong person to the restaurant.

Luckily, my college buddy is used to my foibles.
She stopped me before I bought the Nutcracker a beer.

For old time’s sake, we visited the banquet room where my husband and I wed.
By the way, my husband has blue eyes like that Nutcracker…hence, my confusion.

It’s been years since I strode into that room wearing a white bridal gown.
It was nice to think that despite the intervening years,
we are still fundamentally the same people.

No matter what is going on,
she always makes me laugh.

And that is why she is stuck with me…forever!


Who makes you smile?