Pranked. Again.

by Lynn on January 20, 2012

Something weird happened a few weeks ago.

A flamingo suddenly appeared in our yard.
This was weird, because we don’t even live in Florida.

My ferocious guard dog didn’t notice anything amiss.
She was too busy, er, chasing dust bunnies.

The flamingo in our yard presented a complex, highly troubling problem.
You see, we “flamingo-ed” more than one person a few weeks ago.
As a result, we had no idea who returned the favor.
Oh, what a tangled web of deceit we weave.

However, I noticed that this flamingo was suitably attired for the holiday.
Whoever pranked us had a highly developed sense of style.

Then I noticed the break in the wood where my daughter snapped the post in two.
There was only one location where she nearly decapitated a flamingo.
That’s how I deduced who pranked us back.

So now, the planning and plotting begins to prank back my neighbors.
It’s going to be a very good year…
Mwah ha ha ha.