Weird stuff

by Lynn on January 13, 2012

It’s been a weird winter around here.
So far, this is as icy as it has gotten:

When I walk the dog, it looks downright summery outside.

I have no explanation for this weirdness.

Even the bluebirds who sit on the fence seem to be saying,
“What the heck is going on around here, Writer Lady?”

Yes, I talk to the animals. Is that weird?
Forget about that. There is something even weirder:

It’s chocolate wine.
FYI – sometimes two rights CAN produce a wrong.
While we’re on the subject of wine, I discovered a new way to transport it.

Have no worry. I haven’t spent the entirety of 2012 guzzling spirits.
I’ve also spent a goodly amount of time exercising.

I even hit the tennis ball a few times.
Afterwards, I nourished myself with a wholesome snack.

Even though we’re only 13 days into the weirdness of 2012,
I can honestly say it’s been a darn good year.


Happy Friday the 13th!