Don’t visit a college where the guys walk around in underwear

by Lynn on July 27, 2012

My daughter doesn’t want me to homeschool her for college.
So, I took her to a University so she’d see how YUCKY it is.

My plan backfired.
She LIKED the stately, inspiring architecture.
What a weird kid.


I told her not to get too excited,
because she’d be spending most of her time here:

Why are you laughing?¬†Of course she’ll be studying!
I told her the professors would make her read books like this:

Oddly enough, she didn’t mind studying these types of books.
I had to try a different tact. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.
I insisted she’d miss me. I told her she’d probably wish she could read this book:

Her eyes became glazed over, and her innocent little face turned bright red.
“Mom, what the heck is THAT?” She pointed a shaky finger to this:

Eager to demonstrate I could teach her as well as any professor, I said:
“That’s the men’s track team. It looks like they wear their underwear when they run.”
“That settles it.” She stared at the dude in the middle and smiled. “I want to go HERE for college.”

And then I fainted.

The end.