X doesn’t mark the spot…unless it does

by Lynn on August 24, 2012

I’m on a quest for knowledge.
Because taking my kid to visit colleges makes me feel dumb…

…and really, really, poor.

By the way, the Latin translation for VERITAS is:
“This will cost you $325,167 dollars.”


My husband sought to make me feel better by inviting me to go hiking.

He led me deep into a pine forest.
He promised that I’d find wisdom there.
I was hoping to find lots of money to pay for tuition.

 Alas, all I could find was a couple of ticks and 3,000 hungry mosquitos.
After they drained me of blood, I lost my zeal to find anything in these woods.

I managed to reach the lookout, and was rewarded with a pretty good view.
My husband was unmoved by the scenery. He insisted I look at the carving on a nearby rock.

  Unless there is money hidden under this rock,
I’m not interested in this kind of wisdom.


Do any of you want to buy this stone for $325,167 dollars?