Pardon the suds, but I have to wash my clothes in the lake.

by Lynn on September 28, 2012

I invited five strange men into my house, because I was lonely.
They hung out in the kitchen while I wrote my next novel.

Our kitchen "before" picture
They made a lot of noise while I worked, but I thought nothing of it.
Boys will be boys, after all. Then I took a look…

The kitchen remodel begins...
Like any woman who hid five men in her kitchen, I thought:
“Oops. Will my husband notice?” There was a chance he wouldn’t.

A few years ago, I painted the now nonexistent powder room a dark green.
Yes, it was a rotten color choice but my point is he NEVER noticed.
Perhaps he wouldn’t notice the bathroom was completely GONE!

There was a chance he’d suspect something was amiss when he washed his hands.
To deflect his questions, I came up with a fantastic game plan.

Our disgusting old vinyl floor

I decided to tell my husband I wanted to uncover the old vinyl floor and redecorate.
He’d be so amazed, he wouldn’t pay attention to the hunky dudes ripping out drywall.

Scared Sheltie

My dog, on the other hand, has noticed all the banging and hammering.
So I gave her peanut butter and she feels much better now.


This post brought to you by It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.
We are remodeling our kitchen/bath/laundry and it’s too late to stop.