How I got my dog to stand still for 3 hours

by Lynn on November 12, 2012

All the noise from the renovation made our dog a nervous wreck.
My writer buddy (and fellow dog lover) suggested we try a ThunderShirt.
It’s a cozy t-shirt that gives your dog a reassuring “hug” during times of stress.

Here’s our dog, right after she starting wearing the ThunderShirt:


Normally, she is in constant motion, pacing from room to room.
As soon as she donned the t-shirt, all nervous movement stopped.

In fact, we tried to get her to move.
She didn’t, because she almost fell asleep while standing.

We’re not used to seeing a mellow Sheltie.
To snap her out of the trance, we offered a treat.
Surely a potato chip would get her to move again, wouldn’t it?


She stayed in one spot, enjoying her t-shirt “hug” for a longggggg time.
So, if you’re looking for a way to turn your amped-up dog into a mellow fellow,
a ThunderShirt is definitely the route to go.

Many thanks to my writer buddy, Eileen, for the suggestion.
Do you know if ThunderShirts come in my size?