Kitchen renovation – before and after pictures!

by Lynn on November 30, 2012

We’ve lived in our house for 18 years.
A lot of dust accumulates over 18 years.
Rather than clean, we decided to renovate.

Here’s our kitchen, before:

kitchen, before

We tired of the builder-grade oak cabinets, the leftover 1980’s mauve tile,
and the boxed-in feel with the wall (on the right) that closed off the kitchen.

I called my friend, Alan, and begged him to help.

kitchen, during

He suggested we take out the HUGE powder room and expand the kitchen.
We also removed the wall separating the kitchen from the living room.
Here we are with electrical, plumbing, and new drywall up:

kitchen renovation

The project really started to take shape once we installed the cabinets.

kitchen renovation

And here we are, after!

kitchen, after

I love it!

kitchen, after

Now I can cook and still be a part of what’s going on in the living room.

kitchen, after

The entire process took 7 weeks.
Our builder and his crew were a delight to have in our home.
My favorite part of the new kitchen is the center island – a great place to gather!

What’s your favorite place to be in your┬áhome?