How to write a romance novel…

So, you wanna write a romance novel? You’ll need three very important things.

  • You’ll need a spark, because that will fuel your imagination over the months it’ll take to write a book.
  • You’ll need a willingness to fail, because there will be parts of your manuscript that stink. If you’re not willing to hear you’ve flubbed something, you won’t last long in the publishing industry.
  • Most of all, you’ll need friends who are writers. They’ll tell you how to fix the flaws in your work.


Today, I’d like to thank my critique partners. We meet once a month to read and evaluate each other’s work. They are the first people to lay eyes on my manuscripts, and I rely upon them to point out what isn’t working. In the two years we’ve been together, they haven’t been wrong yet. Here they are:

Pat Leedom

Jacki Kelly

Renee Wynn

I can’t tell you how important Pat, Jacki, and Renee have become to me. In the years before I met them, I wrote without having any sort of feedback from fellow writers. As a result, I never knew why my manuscripts couldn’t quite make it past an editor’s desk without a rejection. Now that I’ve joined my critique group, I know what needs improvement and know how to fix it. What an incredible blessing to have these women in my life.

So, if you’re thinking of writing a romance novel, I have one suggestion: get into a critique group. You won’t regret it. (You can find local romance chapters for writers through Romance Writers of America.)


Who do you rely upon when you’re stuck?
Go ahead and give a shout out to the folks you rely upon.



Kim @ Homesteader's Heart December 14, 2012 at 7:42 am

It’s so great to have people you can depend on to be honest with you about that sort of thing. I’m afraid my romance novel would turn in to a comedy romance novel. LOL! I can see it now. ” Stephanie sat ever so gently on Mack’s lap, putting her hands snugly around his neck. A moment later they heard a crack as the chair leg gave out from the extra weight and they both went crashing down onto the floor causing Mack to spill his drink on Stephanie’s new dress.Stephanie new of course that she needed to loose a “few” extra pounds but the brownies at the party were to tempting and kept calling her name.”
There you go, bad grammar and all. LOL!
Kim @ Homesteader’s Heart´s last blog post ..The Gingerbread House Competition 2012!

Jo H. December 16, 2012 at 6:42 pm

My husband – he’ll tackle anything I ask him to. My mother, who still bakes for me and worries about me, and would clean my house, do my laundry, and iron everything I own, if I needed her to, although she’s over 80 now. My dad, through his ability to listen, even though he’s physically disabled. I am so lucky. Thanks for reminding me.

Jo H. December 16, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I should add that I interpreted your question rather liberally – not just for writing a romance novel. In fact, not for writing a romance novel at all … like Kim, above, mine would turn into a comedy, I think!

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