My dog thinks she’s part of the Christmas display

by Lynn on December 10, 2012

I started to hallucinate after I ate some cookies and hot cocoa.
Guess I ate too much, because the snowman display looked REALLY weird.

My sheltie

 There was another snowman in the hallway.
It looked furry and ill-at-ease.

Thanks to the cookies, I could communicate with the new snowman.
We transmitted our thoughts telepathically, with a single glance.
The snowman begged me not to remove him from the display.
He also told me to eat another cookie.

Sheltie in lights

I ate two more cookies, because I like to go above and beyond the call of duty.
After another mug of cocoa, I decided to keep the new snowman.
He added a note of realism to the scene.


His enthusiasm waned when he heard someone walk into the kitchen.
I told him to stay still. Snowmen don’t prance around and drool.
He was disappointed to learn that snowmen don’t eat.
As soon as a bag of potato chips opened…

No more furry snowman.
What should I do?