Why Christmas trees are like fifty year-old women

by Lynn on December 24, 2012

Christmas trees are like fifty year-old women,
because they look best in dim light.


 Use just enough light to see the character,
and just enough darkness to soften the, uh, missing glitter.

christmas tree

Believe me, once that first laugh line appears,
you become an expert in the benefits of lighting.
Not that I would know that, personally.
I’m still 29 years old.

 But I hope your face is laden with laugh lines.
Because that means you are spending most of your time smiling.

 Just like that Christmas tree laden with imperfect ornaments,
you are a delight to behold, no matter how bright the light.
Yes, I’m feeling mushy and loving today, because of you.
Thank you for spending time with me over the holidays!

Our Christmas mantle


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.
See you next week!