I like to beat my husband. Do you?

by Lynn on May 17, 2013

I like to beat my husband. Do you?
I beat him as often as possible, especially when he’s pestering me.
Regular beatings help keep a marriage equal…and just make me feel good.

Wait a minute. I’m talking about beating my husband at basketball. You knew that, right?


Unfortunately, I have to keep beating my husband because I vacuumed my car.
Yep, I vacuumed my car right after our honeymoon, and sucked up the film from our trip.


That was back in the fifteenth century, when folks used 35 mm film.
My film happened to have pictures that PROVED I beat him in a game of arcade basketball.


That voracious car vacuum has caused nearly 25 years of marital strife.
Every time we pass an arcade, I have to prove myself AGAIN.


So, admit it. You like to beat your spouse, too.

What is the game you try your darnedest to win against your beloved?


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