Why I’m making my husband wear an anti-bark collar

by Lynn on June 26, 2013

A few days ago, our dog met a new friend.
At first, all seemed well.


They ran around.
They played.

Our dog had such a good time, she barked.
Unfortunately, she was wearing her anti-bark collar at the time.
I took the collar off, but the damage was done. She retreated to the far end of the yard.
She was determined NOT to bark again, because barking was so unpleasant a few minutes ago.


Her new friend didn’t understand this existential turn of events.
Her parents didn’t forget to take off her anti-bark collar.
So she wanted to keep playing, Dawg.


In an effort to help our dog snap out of her doldrums, I tried to put the bark collar on my husband.
Wow, he’s really fast. And smart. I couldn’t catch him, but I reached my target heart rate.
I even lost a few pounds…and our dog still isn’t barking…so it’s a win/win for me.


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