How to stop her from flirting with your husband.

by Lynn on August 5, 2013




Know someone who flirts with your husband?
I know how to get rid of her.
First, get a bull.


Be careful. He’s angry, spiteful, and devoid of good manners.
And he’s got nasty halitosis.


He’ll kick your wall, and dishes will scatter on your kitchen counter.
Toys will litter the floor. Your bras will hang from the ceiling fan.
When the house is a wreck, the doorbell will ring. It’s her.
The one who gossips and flirts with your spouse.


Get a bulldog. He will chase away the bull.
However, pulling the lingerie off the ceiling fan is your job.
Frankly, a bulldog just isn’t tall enough to reach those scanty panties.


Be sure to dress your pooch in a fancy matador’s outfit. Open the door.
Your lascivious neighbor will be stuck dumb with surprise.
She¬†won’t even notice that you’ve hidden your spouse.

And that, my friends, is how you stop unwelcome flirting.

Additional suggestions are welcome…