You say artsy, I say fartsy.

by Lynn on April 23, 2014

Mother Nature loathes me.
Frankly, I think she’s jealous of my beauty.
I look pretty darn hot if you take off your glasses.


To punish me, she’s throwing rain and cold temps our way.
Ha. Do your worst, Mother Nature. I can take it.
My daughter, however, can’t.
Guess which one is mine:


So, if any of you have any connections with Mother Nature, tell her I’m ugly.
And tell her playing lacrosse on rainy spring days ain’t no picnic.
Oh, and tell her the daffodils are screaming for some sun.


In fact, send her this artsy-fartsy photo of a daffodil in distress.
But don’t say “fartsy.” Mother Nature wouldn’t approve.
She’s very proper and refined. Unlike moi.


Are you sick of Mother Nature’s machinations?
I say let’s rebel! Don’t allow her to control us any longer.
In fact, let’s all use the word “fartsy” just to annoy her and see what happens.

You go first…