Our build-your-own screened-in porch

We were sick of being eaten alive whenever we sat on our deck.
A screened-in porch sounded like a wonderful way to avoid bugs.
I tracked down a couple of builders for quotes to build a screened-in porch.

Holy cow. Very expensive.

So, my husband and I decided to try a screened-in sun shelter.
We found a nice one at Costco. It’s a Sojag Moreno 10′ x 14′ structure.


It arrived in two boxes.
Above, you’ll see a picture of the biggest box.
We were able to store both boxes  in our garage.
When the weather finally warmed up, we got to work.

My husband is a big, strong guy, so he was able to move the heavy stuff.
I wasn’t sure I’d be much of a help to him, but the two of us managed just fine.


The directions were fairly easy to figure out.
First, we put up the rectangular structure.IMG_2824

The roof was a bit tricky, but we found a YouTube video that really helped.
Here we are, almost done. The job took us 3 afternoons to complete.
As you can see, we tackled this in March before the trees leafed out.


Zippered screened fabric came with the Sojag Moreno shelter.
The screened fabric works VERY well. Bugs can’t get in!
Overall, the shelter is both strong and lovely.
Here’s the final result:


We’re really enjoying our bug-free outdoor room…
Just in time for the official start of summer!

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