Do empty nesters close the bedroom door?

I haven’t been alone for twenty-one years.
In that time, I’ve had a child with me.
That will change in a few days.
Both kids will go to college.
Far away.

I’m excited for them, and for us.
But waiting for that separation is difficult.
A painful squeeze wraps around my waist like a too-tight invisible belt.
The tension amplifies every time I see a reminder of what’s about to happen.
And there are a lot of reminders around the house.

The waiting is killing me.
I’m the type who prefers to rip a bandaid off, fast.
I want to feel the quick blade of pain and be done with it.
As I wait, I wonder. How will the house feel when they’re gone?
At night, will my husband and I close the bedroom door when no one is around?
What will life be like without these two wonderful creatures in the house, every day?

I don’t know.
Life will be different.
The change will be good.
I’m ready to walk on a new path.
And so are my daughters.

So here’s to new journeys!
Let’s take the unfamiliar road that tests us,
even if we feel a too-tight belt of tension and uncertainty.
Eventually, that belt will loosen and we’ll feel comfortable again.



Lois M Baron August 23, 2017 at 3:25 pm

Do you remember what it was like when both of them were gone on sleep-overs? It’s like that. You still have the dog, right? You’ll be ok. 🙂 And besides, if your girls are anything like my daughter, she’ll text often enough that you’ll barely know she’s not actually close by.

Donnamae August 23, 2017 at 5:28 pm

Lol! You will be fine…you will get used to the stillness, the quiet…then someone unexpected moves back temporarily, and you are right back in it! Enjoy it! And keep the door closed, unless you change the locks! You never know! 😉

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