My secret love affair with a dummy

I went to a restaurant, saw this guy, and wondered if I should talk to him.Have you seen the movie, BIG?
Do you remember what happened when the boy talked to this guy?
I remembered, yet I handed this guy a dollar bill for my so-called fortune.
The chat didn’t go well. Zoltar said I’d see some very weird things. He was right.

Zoltar also warned me to be careful.
He said I’d meet a man that I wouldn’t be able to resist.
Essentially, Zoltar said I’d step out on my husband, which is outrageous.
I mean, I’d never, EVER, touch another man or be with another man or kiss him.

Er, I can explain.
You see, ah, I’ve been cooped up in my office for months.
I happened to write a letter to Santa, and we hit it off.
We’re just pen-pals, that’s all. I swear!
And, um, here’s a flower.

This post brought to you by Lynn Kellan.
She’s weird.


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