Annual Santa Beauty Pageant

It’s December, which means SANTA.

Check out this guy.
He looks jolly, but he’s got weird taste in toys.

This poor soul caught stomach flu last night
and came to work to infect everyone else:

Next, take a look at the Santa
who knows all the words to Jimmy Buffet’s song, Margaritaville:

This next guy looks nice, but I think
he’d better check the expiration dates on his food:

This fellow made me feel naughtier than usual.
Don’t know if that’s good or bad:

This guy insisted he’s the REAL Santa.
I decided not to point out all of the other guys behind him:

I gotta say that this guy caught my fancy.
He brings gifts and fixes the leaky dishwasher.
This man is GOLD, people:

Finally, I present to you the Santa with good manners.
He covers his mouth when he sneezes:

My favorite Santa is #7. He can rock red plaid, shop for gifts,
and fix my leaky sink. Heck, he can probably even braid my hair!

Which Santa is your favorite?




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