Good pranks build good friendships

It started small. I slapped an Eagles magnet on my neighbor’s mailbox when I learned he was a Steelers fan. A few weeks later, he slapped a Steelers magnet on our mailbox, complete with black and yellow streamers. Oh yes, people. I’d finally found someone who understood the pranking game.

Here are the rules of engagement: keep things funny and easily removable. ALSO, allow enough time to elapse so your neighbor doesn’t expect the prank. That’s key. So, I let months pass. At the start of the next football season, I waited until the dead of night and placed a small snowman on my neighbor’s front porch. This snowman happened to be two feet high and wore an Eagles sweatshirt. Perfect for the task. Much to my delight, my neighbor didn’t notice the snowman for days. My Eagles snowman became a proud sentry in front of the house of a die-hard Steelers fan. I laughed every time I drove by. I still snicker whenever I think about that prank.

I waited for his response. Months passed. A year passed. The 2017 football season started. This time around, my Eagles were on fire – undefeated for much of the autumn! My glee knew no bounds! Finally, we were bound for the playoffs! Fly Eagles, fly!!! The world finally made sense, except for one thing. A landscaping company kept tossing advertisements onto my driveway. Day after day. For weeks. As soon as I picked one up, another one would appear. I was the only one who got bombarded by these pamphlets. I was beginning to think my yard really needed landscaping…until my neighbor confessed that he’d collected ALL of the items so he could toss them into my driveway whenever he walked his dog.

Well played, my friend.

I let some time pass, but I was anxious to pay him back. The Christmas season arrived and temperatures dipped into the single digits. No one in their right mind would pull a prank in this horrific weather. I scurried into my basement, dusted off a HUGE inflatable snowman, and snuck to my neighbor’s house in the dark. I tried to be quiet, which wasn’t easy. Dead leaves make a huge crunch every time you step on them. Dogs pick up on those noises. Those noises get quite loud when you trip on the extension cord you’re carrying. Those noises sound like cannon-fire when you’re wrestling a gigantic inflatable snowman who refuses to stand up straight. Those noises threaten to reveal every prankster when she stubs her toe on a heavy piece of firewood. Those noises are totally worth it when you get this photograph of your efforts:

Behold, the gigantic snowman inflatable standing at the end of my neighbor’s driveway. We live in very dark woods, so Frosty lights up the place like a bright lighthouse in the middle of a dark storm. SOOOOOOOOO fantastic! Fortunately, my neighbor thought the sudden appearance of an enormous snowman on his property was a riot. We’ve been laughing about my masterful prank for the past week.

Like any good prankster, I reclaimed the snowman and plunked him in my yard on New Year’s Eve. Here he is in daylight:

If I begin 2018 by pranking myself, do you think that’ll stop my neighbor from pranking me? To be continued…

Happy new year, friends!

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Donnamae January 4, 2018 at 11:56 am

How fun! Yes…prank yourself!! Lol!! ;).


Jo H. January 4, 2018 at 10:41 pm

Hi Lynn! So glad you are still finding time to blog, along with writing! I’ve been absent for awhile. This is a hilarious post. Looking forward to more installments of the pranking marathon 🙂

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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