About Lynn

Lynn Kellan dreams up ways to get people to fall in love…she writes romance novels. When she isn’t working on a manuscript, she is the creative force behind this blog, where you’ll find intellectual fodder about Martians and the strange thing between her legs.

To prepare for her career as a romance novelist, Lynn fell in love with bad boys, burly athletes, and battle-hardened marines. All of that research produced a startling revelation: men and women aren’t that different. We both want to be with someone who will empty the dishwasher.

She met a man who emptied the dishwasher, so they got married, bought a house, and attempted to wallpaper. During those blissful years, Lynn wrote her first novel. It stunk. Learning how to write became a welcome distraction from the daily grind of culinary disasters, dog-tastrophies, and minor household emergencies.

When children arrived, Lynn finally understood unconditional love. Inspired, she endeavored to write a romance novel that didn’t stink. She set up a desk in the guest bedroom closet and wrote during nap time. It took a while to realize she should write during the kids’ naps, not hers.

These days, Lynn’s home is bursting at the seams with her tall husband, two tall kids, and a short Sheltie who won’t stop barking. When Lynn isn’t writing stories about men and women who adore each other, she loves to play tennis and golf – but not at the same time. Her books contain a hearty dose of love and humor, which are necessary ingredients for a happily ever after.

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  • Lynn’s dog isn’t very faithful.
  • Lynn couldn’t smell a thing until she went gluten free.
  • During her free time, Lynn loves to play tennis and golf.
  • Lynn’s kryptonite is a Russian Olive in bloom.  It reduces her to a sneezing, sniffling mess.
  • The camera around Lynn’s neck is a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.  She also uses a Canon Powershot.
  • Lynn reads every single comment on this blog. She’d be downright lonely without you.


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