It’s a dog’s life.

by Lynn on September 21, 2016

My brother has a beautiful wife, who loves Irish Wolfhounds.
Now we love Irish Wolfhounds, too.


My brother’s wolfhound is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.
180 pounds, give or take.


He is great company, but he’s a little clumsy.
He bumps into things, knocks things over, drops things.

But we love him, anyway.


There’s just one bad thing about owning an Irish Wolfhound…


You’ve gotta use a VERY big poop bag.

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How to raise a daughter

by Lynn on September 14, 2016

Here’s a parenting tip for those of you with daughters…

6 copy

P.S. Don’t let your daughters grow their hair too long.

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First day of school

by Lynn on September 7, 2016

Around here, it’s the first day of school.
In honor of that, let’s act on a dream/wish/goal.



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What’s for dinner?

by Lynn on August 31, 2016

I have a feeling you look the same way at 5pm every day…

1 copy 3

Take out!!!!

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Things they should teach at school

by Lynn on August 24, 2016

In honor of the forthcoming start of the school year,
I’d like the School Board to address the following issues:


3 copy 2

Shouldn’t our kids learn how to make a healthy version of this?
Truly, wouldn’t this type of endeavor solve a lot of our problems?


And finally, TOPIC THREE:
Shouldn’t there be a prom for parents?


Thank you.

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I decided to see a movie.
Took forever to buy a ticket.


The dude in the ticket booth wasn’t very helpful.
By the way, this is what happens at our movie theater during a thunderstorm:


No electricity, no movie. I didn’t mind the wait, however.
The peaceful time gave me a chance to ponder some deep thoughts.

Moral of the story:
Never, ever go to the movies in a thunderstorm.
And never, ever lose your cell phone.

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Deep thoughts

by Lynn on August 10, 2016

Whenever I’m with my teens, I need a translator.
What does “I ship Kristin and Joe” mean?

Add subtitle text

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Life and death on the golf course

by Lynn on August 3, 2016

I always see something scary when I play golf.


This scary scene was completely my fault.
I drilled my ball into the lip of the bunker, and cried.
My spirits lifted later in the round when I spotted something near the 12th tee.

FullSizeRender 2
The baby bunny let me get so close to him,
I almost scooped him into my pocket.

My husband yelled “Noooooooo!”
And the bunny hopped away.

I blamed my husband for thwarting the bunny-capture.
He insisted that I should never touch a wild animal on the golf course.
Terrible, terrible things can happen if you bring home a tiny baby bunny.

I didn’t believe him, until I saw this:


That cute little bunny ate one of the geese who wander around the golf course.
Thank goodness I didn’t bring that bunny home.

Moral of the story:
ALWAYS listen to your husband.

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Nothing to see, here.

by Lynn on July 27, 2016

Please don’t sit on the dog.


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Dog days of summer

by Lynn on July 20, 2016

Rolling down the car windows helps everyone make new friends…

Once you reach past fear, you'll reach your goals. copy

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