The Party committee organizes the 2017 graduates' series of educational activities
In June, the college organized a series of activities by the Party committee, carried out relevant work in a targeted manner, and further strengthened the effectiveness of the 2017 graduate school leaving education....
detail> 2017-07-05
The college holds the 2018 graduate recruitment Conference
In order to enhance the 2018 graduate's important understanding of graduation job search, and better grasp the employment situation and policy, in the afternoon of July 1st, the college Party committee office organized 2018 graduates to carry out job mobi...
detail> 2017-07-05
Professor Patricia A. Duff of The University of British Columbia was invited to give a series of lectures at our institute
On June 21, 2017 -22, should be invited Professor Luo Shaoqian, The University of British Columbia professor Duff Patricia A. came to our hospital, brought a series of lectures wonderful to our hospital between teachers and students, the theme of "qualita...
detail> 2017-06-29

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English Corner:Culture Evening
The final event of the English corner this semester is a Chinese and foreign cultural feast! At the beginning of the event, the two hosts welcomed the students who took part in the activity and activated the atmosphere with their enthusiasm....
detail> 2016-12-19
A series of lectures on scholarly research, O and self-cultivation have been successfully held in the fifth scene, "the requirements of the times for the translation of Chinese classics."
The afternoon of December 16, 2016, foreign language college professor Zhao Yanchun invited to the Tianjin foreign language university, in the building room 914 held a "scholarship and self-cultivation" fifth lecture series, the theme of "Chinese classics...
detail> 2016-12-19
Student cadres training start ceremony and seminar were successfully completed
The opening ceremony and seminar on student leaders' training, organized by the Organizing Committee of the Youth League of Beijing Normal University and Foreign Languages Department of, was held at 914, main building of Beijing Normal University, at 6 in...
detail> 2016-11-30
The goddess also plans to develop foreign | warm in winter
November 27, 2016 evening six, foreign language institute "goddess formation plan" the "woven scarf" activities, such as. At the back of the main building 914, the students took part in a pleasant and meaningful evening with enthusiasm and enthusiasm....
detail> 2016-11-29



New digital resource center New digital resource center
The new digital resources center of the foreign language institute is a self help learning platform for foreign students who can provide comprehensive and multifaceted foreign language environment and enhance their interest in learning foreign languages